Books By Jane Lee

The Reluctant Medium

The Reluctant Medium, one woman’s story on the hardships of overcoming her fears to become and accept her true self. Thought provoking, scary and uplifting, this book will make you howl with laughter and cry tears of sadness. A roller coaster of events and a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a medium. A must read!

Mystic Moments in Love and Light

Mystic Moments in Love and Light is a unique collection of short writings exploring  topics of nature, emotions, angels and death—all channelled through Jane from the spiritual world. These writings will resonate with you, open your mind as well as your heart, and for some, shed a tear. A keepsake book you can revisit throughout your life, in difficult times, to expand your mind, or simply read for pleasure. A perfect gift to share with a loved one today..

Jane Lee Vol 2

Mystic Moments in love and light Volume 2

Another collection of individual writings channelled from the spiritual world, pure, uplifting, thought provoking and healing. This book allows the reader to expand their mind, see the truth and beauty in every situation whether that is anger, hurt, nature or love. The clarity in the writings will ignite feelings and thoughts maybe you had hidden away. This book will find its way to those that are ready to receive the truth and simplicity of this amazing journey. Enjoy!




There are so many things you want to say to your child but can’t be bothered with the arguments and attitude.
Maybe you want to tell them that you understand about puberty because you have been through it, the importance of being good and kind. Perhaps stop being so horrid, having tantrums and to think about how it makes the rest of the family feel.

How beautiful they are inside and out and most important, how proud you are of them and will always be there for them. Not to waste time worrying about what others think or say and to have the belief that they are stronger than they know. Finally, to not waste energy on stressing about how you look because nobody really cares.

If the above sounds like you, you have nothing to lose, gently place the book Sanity in their

Sanity is a book for young people aged between 10 – 16 years old, consisting of individual short writings ranging from loving your body, the importance to talk, drugs, social media, thinking and being kind to others, puberty, school and even picking up dog poo. A book that
is easy to dive in and out of, when perhaps having a hard time or wanting to simply escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. Sanity enables the reader to think and reflect rather than be influenced or told by others.

Sanity is written in a light hearted, kind and thought
provoking way, giving young people the opportunity to think for themselves. Worth a read




Would you like to give some clarity to the young people in your life? Perhaps the importance of working hard at school, being good and kind to everyone including those at home?  Maybe not to worry about how much make-up they wear and know just how beautiful they really are inside and out. That once you were young, spotty and had friendship problems too. Does this sound a bit like you? If it does, the book Clarity is just right for you!

Clarity will help your loved ones see things from another side. Open their minds, emotions and process this social media fuelled, often crazy world, with a little light and simplicity.

Clarity is a book written for young people aged 10 – 16 years old. It consists of light-hearted individual writings, ranging from loving yourself, social media, exams, friendships, emotions and more. A keepsake book you can delve in and out of.  It’s simple, kind, thought provoking messages give the reader the opportunity to feel, think and reflect for themselves.  Perhaps view this world with a little less pressure, not to be quite as self consumed and see the true beauty in themselves, but just as importantly, others too.

Finally see this amazing, beautiful and exciting life with a little more clarity!

Handbag Keepsakes for ‘Mum’

Handbag Keepsake for a ‘Friend’

The perfect size book to pop into Mum’s bag
Consisting of individual writings picked specially for Mum
Uplifting, heartfelt and thought provoking writings to lift her mood

More important, the perfect gift from you!
Every time your mum goes into her bag she will see this little book

A smile will occur and a warmth in her heart
For she too will be thinking of you.

(A small book 4 x 6 inches, perfect to carry in your bag!)

‘Handbag keepsake for a special friend’ is the perfect size book to slip into your bag, reminding your friend daily how much you care. Every time they see it, they will smile, a constant reminder of how cherished and loved they are.

A perfect gift allowing the reader to roam freely in up-lifting, thought provoking and heart-felt writings.

A precious time just for my friend to take a break and breathe.

The perfect keepsake!
(A small book, 4 x 6 inches, perfect to carry in your bag